Music for voice, clarinet and piano

Johannes Wenceslaus Kalliwoda

Der Sennin Heimweh
(The Homesick Shepherdess)

A romantic song in an alpine setting

ISMN M 708007 22 7
GBP 8.95

G.A. Macfarren


Two songs with clarinet obbligato
a) A Widow Bird   b) Pack Clouds Away


Dedicated to Henry Lazarus, these songs are a
striking addition to the repertoire for soprano and clarinet


ISMN M 708007 02 9
GBP 6.95

Andreas Spaeth



A happy setting for voice and clarinet of a Swiss folk poem

ISMN M 708007 12 8
GBP 8.95

Mariano Obiols

I Lai 
(A Lover's Lament)

An Italian Romance by a 19th century Spanish composer

ISMN M 708007 23 4
GBP 8.95

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